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Frequently Asked Questions

1. When arrested should I always have a lawyer?

YES. For bail purposes and explanation of rights and protection of permanency of record.

2. Will you be with me all the way?

ABSOLUTELY. You will always have my ear and aggressive defense to represent you in these extremely difficult times and at all court appearances.

3. What DWI cases have you handled?

From criminally negligent homicide to simple DWI – more than 1,000 cases handled including license suspensions and vehicle forfeitures.

4. What are some possible penalties for DWI?

• Loss of Car
• Criminal Conviction for Life
• Mandatory Fines and Surcharges
• Incarceration
• Attendance at Alcohol Programs
  and Community Service
• Revocation of Drivers’ License 


5. Is it smart to have a lawyer for traffic matters?

Too many points, 11 in eighteen months could result in license suspension and difficulty paying excessive insurance premiums. A good lawyer will save many points and your license as well as keep your insurance premiums stable.

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